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Studio 24 Botanicals

As a florist for over 26 years Jenny has also always had an affinity for growing things,  so when she and her partner purchased their lifestyle block 7 years it was only natural to want to develop a picking garden to fit alongside her business as a specialist wedding florist.  Since starting her growing, there have been some big changes to the wedding industry which has meant diversifying a lot on where her business is headed.  It's fair to say that growing has definitely become her main passion at this stage. Wanting to grow flowers that aren't easily attainable due to her 3 hr distance from her closest market and also wanting to offer something unique as well as being sustainable for the couples marrying in our region, she has set out to grow not just for her own business in wedding florals but for the other amazing florists that service the Queenstown/Wanaka Lakes area.  It gives her huge satisfaction seeing something grown from seed and all the love and nurturing that goes into getting it to grow and seeing it being pick and enjoyed before the end of its life.  She grows without any non organic sprays to ensure the blooms that go into your homes or that decorate your wedding day are free of nasties and toxins.

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