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Alpine Blooms Farms

Created 4 years ago Vera has had 3 growing seasons of blooms for our community.  Vera grows seasonal blooms and prides herself on providing a wide variety of flowers for everyone in our area. She loves being able to grow for our very talented florists as well as DIY brides and of course locals that pop by her stall.  Her small team of mum (Vera), dad (Andrew) and two wee boys as well as a main flower doggo Pippin are dedicated to growing the best seasonal blooms and they are working hard on extending their seasons (as natural as possible) as well as growing naturally with minimal or no sprays. They would love their customers to be able to smell the roses without worrying about what else they might be smelling :). 

Working together with local flower growers they hope to provide large variety of blooms as well as great florist quality to everyone in our community. They aim to stay local and grow slowly just like our flowers.


Alpine Bloom March 2022 153.jpg
Alpine Bloom March 2022 129.jpg
Alpine Bloom March 2022 86.jpg
Alpine Bloom March 2022 105.jpg
Alpine Bloom March 2022 8.jpg
Alpine Bloom March 2022 138.jpg
Alpine Bloom March 2022 63.jpg
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